Plastic Products

We manufacture a Wide Range of industrial plastic products, rangings from Crates and Baskets to Pallets on High Precision Injection Molding Machines. We have multiple designs of Plastic Crates and Baskets which are used in Agriculture and Industrial Sector. We manufacture both Stackable and Non-Stackable Plastic Crates as per Customer Needs.

Plastic Crates And Basket

Multi Pack pk has quality plastic crates to buy, which can be used for multi-purposes. So, if you are interested to buy large plastic storage boxes, you should consider us to buy them at affordable rates.

Plastic Flexible Packaging

We manufacture a Wide Range of industrial and commercial plastic flexible products on High Precision Machines. We have multiple quality of Plastic Flexible Packaging like LDPE Plastic Stretch Wrap Film, Heat Shrink Packaging Film, Trash Bags, Plastic Shoppers Bags, Polythene Bags and Polythene Films, Agriculture Films, Plastic Construction Films. Printed Packaging and etc.

Plastic Pallets

We are also considered as a pallet manufacturing company, which contains all kinds of plastic light weight pallets from Lahore, Pakistan. We make high-quality pallets for Food Industry, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Packaging Industry, Beverage Industry, Agriculture, heavy duty industrial plastic pallets, Textiles, Rice Industry, Metal Industry, Steel Industry and multiple other industries.

Other Products

We are also known making many other plastic based products aside from pallets and crates on demand

Garbage / Recycle Bins

  • Specifications

  • Carrying Capacity - 120/240 Litre
  • Garbage Bin 240 Litre(With wheels & Paddle)
  • Garbage Bin 240 Litre(With wheels)
  • Garbage Bin 120 Litre(With wheels & Paddle)
  • Garbage Bin 120 Litre(With wheels)

Garbage / Trash Bags

  • Specifications

  • Small 18"x20"(Black Bags)
  • Small 20"30"(Black Bags)
  • Large 24"36"(Black Bags)
  • X-Large 27"38"(Black Bags)
  • Other Colored Bags Also Available on Demand

PP Strapping Roll

  • Specifications

  • Material - PP
  • Packaging Type - Roll
  • Size - 9-16mm
  • Color - Multicolor
  • We provide Semi Automatic PP Strap with following specifications:
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Use Type : Suitable for all high production Semi Automatic power Strapping Machines

Plastic Drawers

  • Specifications

  • Length - 26 inches
  • Width - 13 inches
  • Height - 7 inches
  • Material - PP
  • Usage - Home, Office & Industrial
  • Colors - Brown available / Other colors in bulk order only