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Welcome to MP Plastics! We are amongst the top manufacturers of plastic crates handling products for businesses in Pakistan. Food Wastage is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing. Around 40% of the food produced in the world is wasted. The main reason for food wastage is the lack of good transportation and storage capabilities. Farmers around the world are looking for out of the box solutions to preserve the vegetables and fruits for a longer period of time so that their hard work to feed 7 Billion People around the world is not wasted. One of the Solutions which is working nowadays is the use of Plastic Crates Manufacturer and Baskets for Storage and Transportation of Fruits and Vegetables. Plastic Crates are long-lasting, durable, reusable, and recyclable. There are a number of Plastic Crates Manufacturers around the world who are giving specific solutions to the farmers as per there need. One of the leading Manufacturer of Plastic Crates and Plastic Crates Manufacturer Baskets in the World is MULTI PACK from Pakistan under the Brand name of “MP CRATES". We have developed several designs according to market needs. Our Plastic Crates designs are quenching the thirst of the market and are being used by farmers, food processors, industrial units, pharmaceutical companies, and Super Market Chains all over the World. We will handle all the logistics involved in providing a smooth delivery Plastic Crates Manufacturer process. Being recognized as trustworthy manufacturers of varied Plastic Crates Manufacturer for several years. We receive orders in the bulk quantity for our plastic products and supply them to businesses all across Pakistan. We offer quality plastic products. Unlike other suppliers in Pakistan, MP plastics is dedicated to providing reliable plastic products as well as excellent afterward service for all of our clients. We aim to be your go-to suppliers for all material handling products Plastic Crates Manufacturer and we assure you that these products are available at affordable prices for you to excel in your business. As trusted suppliers, we only provide expertly made, tested, and quality plastic products to all our nationwide customers. We confidently present ourselves as helping numerous businesses across the country who proficiently conduct their day-to-day operations along with deliveries using our dependable & durable plastic crates. We not only make and sell Plastic Crates Manufacturer; we also assist in building communities as well as businesses globally! MP plastics being the largest selling brand in Pakistan. It virtually includes every size starting from compact to jumbo, besides providing several varieties of the specialty crates. Our crates are being manufactured at the most advanced plants present in the country, to the utmost rigid standards followed by the industry. We are recognized for using the best color pigments, performance-enhancing additives and raw materials. Not surprisingly MP crates are available with influential features along with the quality that can never be compromised. Not only hygienic and lightweight, but they also possess corrosion, chip, and crack resistant properties. Our crates are environment friendly, economical, and space-saving! We are known to provide efficient and excellent service Plastic Crates Manufacturer for winning our customer's trust and support. Our philosophy is to provide the quality that strives for its survival, brand, and reputation. Our products are extensively used in the food and several other industries. We are available at any time and are ready to collaborate with you genuinely, and conjointly create a superior future, to develop the Pakistan′s logistics industry for providing better service. Our purpose is to continually reinforce the management associated with product quality of Plastic Crates Manufacturer, along with continuously improving the service level for customers. To guarantee the constancy of our product quality as well as continuous improvement, strain each nerve for providing quality of Plastic Crates Manufacturer products & perfect customer service. We claim to have enormously experienced engineers who confirm that the materials being used are flawless and their quality is exceptional. Our advanced machinery is able to directly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. We are focused on synthesizing quality crates for more than thirteen years and in these years we have studied them constantly. We are authentic & always utilize 100% new polypropylene material in place of recycled polypropylene. We pay huge attention to quality & we examine each product before it is shipped to you. We worth the designs so we elevate our designs constantly to give you the best crates. Our Plastic crates are designed in open as well as closed designs. Our closed crates are being designed with hinged or detachable lids, whereas the open crates are without lids & feature such a grating pattern from which the contents of the crate are evident. The major demand for our plastic crates originates from the delivery industries and food service. Seafood, meats, beverages dairy products, and all types of various food items are being supplied in different plastic crates specially designed to deliver food. Such crates are usually manufactured for the general store along with warehousing accommodations to transport, store and organize goods. They are able to be stacked or arranged for stress-free storage. Plastic which we use to Plastic Crates Manufacturer has the ability to withstand different temperatures, impressions, and the burden of other overloaded and piled plastic crates. These crates are being manufactured by a process known as injection molding. Using stringent temperature controlling measures, this newly shaped plastic is permitted to cool & harden. Once toughened, the product is cleaned of inadequacies if present & then shipped for additional processing. Our storage Plastic Crates Manufacturer presents cost-effective storage solutions to be used in businesses or for personal usage. Such crates are being manufactured from the plastic that has long-lasting strength and durability. Suave interior surfaces defend the goods from getting damaged. Crates can be stacked for space-saving storage. We are proficient in supplying a wide range of plastic crates. Extensively utilized in different fields of the food industry such as poultry, vegetables, fruit, bakery, meat, etc. presented crates are being manufactured by a team of our skilled professionals using best quality plastic & cutting edge technology being used in synchronization with the norms of the industry. Along with this, such crates are accessible in different sizes & specifications to satisfy the needs of our clients. These crates are being offered at reasonable prices. Our company has magnificently extended its business inside the market due to the best offered quality plastic Crates. Widely admired for their properties and specifications such as abrasion resistance & great tensile strength, these crates are being designed using the best quality plastic along with innovative technology in the supervision of our expert professionals. We are offering a wide variety of polypropylene crates which are utilized for managing varied products. The provided Storage Crates are being designed & manufactured in the strict observation of our experienced staff with the consumption of superior quality plastic & latest approaches to make sure its impeccability for our clients. Our provided Plastic Storage Crates are extensively used for carrying bottles, bread, vegetables, fruits along with several other products of Plastic Crates Manufacturer. Our Plastic Crates Manufacturers are widely recognized for their suitability in transportation & distribution of the fruits. Our Fruit Storing Crates are designed according to modern market trends utilizing the finest tested plastic on our well-furnished production unit. These Plastic Crates are also extensively used within homes to keep various items protected. Our plastic crates are obtainable from the certified and noteworthy vendors in the market. Prior to the final delivery, we examine all of these crates on the basis of numerous quality parameters. If you have any queries related to our products, you are welcome to contact us today. We will be glad to answer and respond to all of your concerns. Our outgoing office staff would also assist you to place an order or set an appointment with our sales reps who are able to give you skilled advice concerning which type of plastic product can be most appropriate for your business requirements. We are sincerely looking forward to shaking your hands for long time reliable business work.